Addressing Systemic Racism in Encounters where First Nations people are exercising Inherent and Treaty Rights in Saskatchewan

In the past few months there has been a lot of talk about racism by law enforcement and within government agencies.  The public is becoming more aware of these issues. One of the issues that the FSIN deals with all the time includes systemic racism that First Nations in Saskatchewan experience while asserting their Inherent and Treaty Right to hunt, fish, trap, gather and carry out cultural activities on the land. 

If you have had experiences with conservation officers, other government employees, or other land users while out on the land, we would like to hear your stories. Through the sharing of stories we will be able to better understand the racial bias that people are experiencing and we are better able to seek accountability and change.

If you prefer to speak to someone rather than provide details here, please email [email protected] or phone (306) 667-2692
Confidentiality: Your name and any details that could identify you will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the FSIN staff compiling these accounts. These stories will be compiled and used to track incidents and to guide our efforts to address systemic racism. We may use this information to share stories that generate awareness about the experiences of racism that First Nations face, but we will only share generalized stories and not any details that could identify a specific person or situation unless we have asked and received explicit consent to do so. If you have questions or concerns about confidentiality please email or phone at the contact above.